I switched to iPhone - This is what I found out.

23 дец 2020
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6 months ago I switched from an Android Samsung phone to iPhone - Do I regret it?
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  • 750 comments in the first minute! I legit don't even know how you guys do it 😂 To see why I switched to iPhone in the first place: rsworld.info/face/video/YW9oldWatWKQhNg.html To see possibly world's largest smartphone collection: rsworld.info/face/video/qoyjl9RxvqKvjbY.html

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosethebossПре 4 месеца
    • The only smartphone survived with me without screen protector is Nokia 7.2. It has been almost 2 years since i purchased it .. not scratched at all .. i put the black soft plastic case that the store gave me and Haven't changed it since then and both the case and phone look as brand new... I drop my phone a lot . even sony experia z1 that was promoted back then it was the strongest ever did not stand a year with me ... Nokia 7.2 software is freaking sucks but the hardware is fantastic.

      حكم وأقوال واقتباسات راقيةحكم وأقوال واقتباسات راقيةПре 4 дана
    • Just to say with iOS 14 you can change the icons and widgets! I hope you love apple as I do!

      Donovan McKennaDonovan McKennaПре 6 дана
    • what was the music name(intro)

      Hellgamer 005 aka FEARLESS GAMINGHellgamer 005 aka FEARLESS GAMINGПре 8 дана
    • @Mrwhoseheboss another way to change wallpaper as a appple user for 6 years is to press the camera roll choose photo press share scroll down and it says set as wallpaper

      Galaxy GachaGalaxy GachaПре 20 дана
    • Mrwhosetheboss where did you buy that blue chair? Is it comfortable?

      towkukustowkukusПре месец
  • iOS is bullshit compared to Android specifically the Galaxy s21 Ultra blows iPhones out the water.

    Spinning Back KickSpinning Back KickПре 4 минута
  • I've had so many people tell me what phone I have Everytime till now when I post. They say it's clean and I own the OnePlus 7 pro

    DefusedNinjaDefusedNinjaПре 4 сата
  • 6:27 am I the only one who caught the rick roll

    CraigandJulie WenningCraigandJulie WenningПре 4 сата
  • In the one shot with the two phones next to each other the one on the right was no good. It made you look like a black guy.

    dominic liuzzodominic liuzzoПре 6 сати
  • I wanted to try the new brick design of the iPhone so I switched from the Samsung S 20 ultra to the iPhone 12 promax. I’m impressed with the battery life and how quick it charges when I use the same charging brick as my MacBook air. Seriously, the phone goes from zero to like 70% in about 10 minutes. but there are some things about iPhones that annoy me. I’m not a Hollywood superstar so I don’t really worry too much about my photos getting hacked, so apples obsession with super ultra locked down apps is not some thing I appreciate. I would much prefer that apps worked better together. When I’m driving in my car and I want Siri to look something up for me, and she tells me I’m sorry I can’t do that while you’re driving, I tell her what she can do with her Uptight attitude. I also miss the split screen function of being able to watch a RSworld video while also researching some thing on Google Chrome in a separate screen. My iPhone can’t do that and I can’t even minimize RSworld without it shutting off. I also miss Samsung‘s much superior photo editing software. iPhone has like five options, none of which I use. And then they have the little manual Editing software that just doesn’t do what I want it to do. Everyone asks me now what happened to the fantastic photos I used to take. And I just tell them I got an iPhone and I only serve vanilla ice cream now. I also miss the full-size keyboard with all the button options on my Samsung and it annoys me that I can’t get that on an iPhone for some reason. I’ve tried all the different downloadable keyboards and none of them is as good as the one I used on my Samsung. Gboard was great on Samsung. It sucks on iPhone. And it’s constantly making spelling errors and corrections to things that just absolutely don’t make sense. The iPhone 12 has a great build but it has a couple of things that I just have to say WTF and wonder whether it’s actually worth it. I mean I use the phone for a couple of things, watching videos, texting, etc. and do I really need the super deluxe billed for that? Especially when they’ve taken away a couple of very important functions. And I’m kind of disappointed with Samsung as well for removing the microSD card from the newer phones. That was a big deal for me. And I can’t seem to use select all with my iPhone. When I dictated a very long paragraph and I want to just delete it all and start over, I can’t just do it with a hard press. Sometimes it’ll let me drag each end of the bar to the top and bottom, which is a huge pain, but mostly I just have to hold down the backspace key for five minutes until it deletes everything. Probably something to do with iPhones super deluxe privacy set up.

    G RG RПре 7 сати
  • i got rickrolled by the apple logo...

    Venomusic BeatsVenomusic BeatsПре 8 сати
  • Can you also use it make phone calls?

    Kevin UnderdownKevin UnderdownПре 10 сати
  • I do miss the in general better screens on Samsung.... But iPhone music production and Video editing apps are better!

    Jstall7543Jstall7543Пре 10 сати
  • I am recently using ipad mini and it was cheap for me so I thought that my next phone will be iphone but The prices are too high for me because I usually purchase mid range phones cheaper than 20,000 Inr so thinking that spending that much on my phone is good or not ... It's always so confusing

  • sheesh. just unsubbed hard!

    Gamer's Tips GuideGamer's Tips GuideПре 12 сати
  • Iphone - dongle paradise

    mutsa ushewokunzemutsa ushewokunzeПре 13 сати
  • I'll stick to Android

    Jim shelleyJim shelleyПре 14 сати
  • still i feel like using apple always comes with so many conditions like "yeah it's good allround, BUUUUT...", not evenconsidering value for money

    SoakingEggsSoakingEggsПре 17 сати
  • that green light is really messing with me, legit thought the phone was green a couple times and was confused

    AnonymousAnonymousПре 17 сати
  • stop rickrolling me

  • Ima switch to android

    TheJasparTheJasparПре дан
  • Apple doesn't think "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" it's don't fix it at all. buy new one.

    MirceaD28MirceaD28Пре дан
  • Look guys. Both phns r at difrnt levels. Earlier ppl used to say that Apples r for class.. nd samsung for mass. Bt this has changed now. Bt i want to include sm points. See, no doubt, ppl hav a CRAZE fo apple iphones. Bt, thr r ppl who love the android that too on samsung coz of display. I use both samsung s21 and i phone 12. Trst me i love both thr phones. Look camera mi8 be better in apple. Bt trust me guys a common man who is not REALLY Into photography, dynamic range blah blah.... doesnt know much abt it, wont find either device good or bad. RAM management is not observed by most of us. Most of us DONT play heavy games either. Most of us dont use phones without cover or tempered glass. Most of us r not into video blogging either. So if u guys have the BUDGET, U CAN GO FOR any mobile apple i phn 12 or samsung s21. No need to think much if u agree with my points stated above.

    Bhaiya SinghBhaiya SinghПре дан
  • How to fix the DPI value of phone, i set it to 1000 and now my phone screen is black... please help.

    Satpal TeotiaSatpal TeotiaПре дан
  • Now matter what you choose it reasonable mrwhosetheboss😃👍

    John Paul AlaoJohn Paul AlaoПре дан
  • im still using samsung

    ScrapTrap MemeboyScrapTrap MemeboyПре дан
  • 6:26 hope you got it!

    Aswin RajuAswin RajuПре дан

    SquiditySquidityПре дан
  • 6:26 look at the apple logo on the left

    venom _295 Playzvenom _295 PlayzПре дан
  • So which one is better?

    Amber & NoorAmber & NoorПре дан
  • That's the most thorough review/comparison I've ever seen

    PsychoStueyPsychoStueyПре дан

    Aishvir 2Aishvir 2Пре дан
  • Dude please just give that to me

    Phenomenal Gamer rodreguesPhenomenal Gamer rodreguesПре дан
  • Control center is suck in IPhone you can't turn off wifi or Bluetooth or data

    Adam FreemanAdam FreemanПре 2 дана
  • Watching this video made me realise that I'm using all those macbook feature with my $300 laptop and $150 Android for nearly 2 years now.

    Chitransh PatelChitransh PatelПре 2 дана
  • 6:26 Go get rickrolled

    JingJingJingJingПре 2 дана
  • Bru you really just Rick rolled me

    ben connollyben connollyПре 2 дана
  • Apple creates an ecosystem and makes it work as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.

    Hepburn DavisHepburn DavisПре 2 дана
  • There is no perfect phone.

    Hepburn DavisHepburn DavisПре 2 дана
  • iPhone is a no-frills; no gimmicks phone.

    Hepburn DavisHepburn DavisПре 2 дана
  • Android phones are goood...but ipads are just killing it..

    SanuSanuПре 2 дана
  • Bro please tell us name of the theme used in samsung @ 5:50

  • You forgot to mention the privacy and security you get with IOS

    HabloHabloПре 2 дана
  • You are on imac ecosystem so it's good for u

    Gaming with kingGaming with kingПре 2 дана
  • Reminder JESUS CHRIST loves you

    _ also_ _also__ also_ _also_Пре 2 дана
  • Boss of nothing.

    TailsTheCatTailsTheCatПре 3 дана
  • 6:26 Nice Rickroll buddy!

    ParzivalParzivalПре 3 дана
  • OnePlus and Galaxy phones to name just a few Android phones, they all have this feature that allows users to swipe from either left or right side of the screen, whilst iPhones allow only swiping from the left side of the screen. That means I can hold my Android phones in either left or right hand, whilst iPhone should almost always be held in left hand only.

    Dara KeoDara KeoПре 3 дана
  • Lol the iPhone 12 pro max doesn't have a 120hz refresh rate when my mid-range galaxy a52 5g does 😂😂😂

    Dexter SpeedDexter SpeedПре 3 дана
  • what did they pay you??? 08:45 "apple operates on a (if it aint broke don't fix it) philosophy" what the f??? this is the biggest nonsence any human being has spoken in the past 5000 years. NO JOKE. apple changes everything ALL THE TIME!!! every single phone they release has diffrent connectors and peripherals that DO NOT work on the other models. apple is the biggest piece of shit company in the entire world.

    darkracer125darkracer125Пре 3 дана
  • Instagram hates android or smt Lik when the camera of an android is much better then an iphone's one the android one looks like a 1 mp camera

    Henk De PotvisHenk De PotvisПре 3 дана
    • @Anand Raj yeah and thats sad

      Henk De PotvisHenk De PotvisПре 3 дана
    • Yeah. App devlopers are making Android look bad to iphone users.

      Anand RajAnand RajПре 3 дана
  • He is the most unbiased person i've ever seen

    Irtizah Bin Rashed MohammedIrtizah Bin Rashed MohammedПре 3 дана
  • 6:26 no Bruh why you gotta do this to us :(

    LiquifiedReflectionLiquifiedReflectionПре 3 дана
  • This guy is a total apple shill

    rumplefourskinrumplefourskinПре 3 дана
  • ⁰:⁹⁰

    ŠƏBŠƏBПре 3 дана
  • 7:38 Mahn I luv dat setup

    Big ChungususBig ChungususПре 3 дана
  • Why does Arun rickroll us nearly every vid?

    Big ChungususBig ChungususПре 3 дана
  • 11:20 - You can keep your phone with WiFi and Data off. Those people still can reach you. What even.

    Pranav GautamPranav GautamПре 4 дана
  • Well i think the worst downgrade ever you have done

    khalid al shehhikhalid al shehhiПре 4 дана
  • Why iphone there only one iphone but android phones there a lots of options

    Chris castilloChris castilloПре 4 дана
  • Regarding Wallpapers in iOS. There is a shorter way. Find an image in your photo gallery. Click the share button, scroll down to ‘set as wallpaper’. This is how most iPhone users would set it, they would take a photo of a loved one or a pet, and then set it.

    Benjamin HandleyBenjamin HandleyПре 4 дана
  • Fgs 😂 the casual Rick Rolling is killing me man ☠✋🏻

    Jins NeckJins NeckПре 4 дана
  • Androids are for people who understand complicated stuff. Thats all. Stop phone wars

    Chara DreemurrChara DreemurrПре 4 дана
  • How much did iphone pay you? For a tech person I'm find it very surprised you like iphone. The average person who just want a simple and easy phone to use will choose iphone and be happy but as a tech person, android all the way.

    tnanlaltnanlalПре 4 дана
    • Why can’t Android users just accept that in some ways, iPhones are just better. He said the ups AND downs, if Apple were paying him he wouldnt say the downs at all.

      Still ChillinStill ChillinПре 4 дана
  • 6:26 people ignoring the BG to not accept they got rickrolled

    Shivam GutgutiaShivam GutgutiaПре 4 дана
  • Android is lol in every type go for Linux phone or ios

    SourceBox TvSourceBox TvПре 4 дана
  • I can do all those things he listed at the end from wifi to calls to images to webpages directly through use of google/android. Perhaps he needs windows 10 and android again?

    Tiny house Homestead, Nature, Frugality & FreedomTiny house Homestead, Nature, Frugality & FreedomПре 4 дана
  • iPhones, due to iOS, is horrible at being able to use one handed. Reachability is not an answer as it still does not address the top opposite corner being difficult to reach. Accessing the control center or notification center requires some sort of funky hand gymnastics that will surely and massively increase the chance of dropping the phone. Also, the inability to simply drop the app icons to the bottom of the screen is just maddening. Not asking a lot here... just let us drag the app icons to the bottom and it will make one-handed use much easier. Next is the notch. FaceID is the sole reason for its existence, but the pandemic has made it useless while outside wearing a mask.

    Grilled TroutGrilled TroutПре 5 дана
  • Thanks for the video. I always wanted some plus points so that I can argue about how good is iPhone to my parents.

    Shahbaz ShajiShahbaz ShajiПре 5 дана
  • Good review but the Software update has never really stacked up,as Samsung generally gave you all the features the new versions of iOS delivers in previous software iterations

    Smokey187um1Smokey187um1Пре 5 дана
  • And at android you can download premium apps!

    GamerMemeBoyGamerMemeBoyПре 5 дана
  • Based on your feedback I switched to Apple as well and I do not regret switching either because the ecosystem and the app optimisation is the best

    Flavius TanigoiFlavius TanigoiПре 5 дана
  • I have no idea how anyone can recommend this junk, unless you're on a Mac, chances are you will be fighting with one connectivity issues after another when trying to copy photos or video off the phone through USB... Just Google and find out for yourself how many issue people have. 2021 and idiots at Apple still haven't figured out simple USB connectivity. Complete junk and waste of time.

    JarekN PhotographyJarekN PhotographyПре 5 дана
    • @Razer Penguin yes, in 2021 that is exactly the case.

      JarekN PhotographyJarekN PhotographyПре 3 дана
    • You are acting like USB connectivity is everything in a phone and if it is bad then the whole phone is bad

      Razer PenguinRazer PenguinПре 3 дана
  • click 6:26

    TDZ5 X5H0TDZ5 X5H0Пре 5 дана
  • The OS is terrible though. It's an OS you need to know how to use. There's some things that just don't work logically. Going from Android to iOS for a short time, I almost lost my mind and threw threw phone at the wall.

    ZED-PVZED-PVПре 5 дана
    • Then your really dumb bc I just moved from android and iOS is way easier.

      Candy CaneCandy CaneПре 5 дана
  • App Store is way better

    Scott PosloskyScott PosloskyПре 5 дана
  • Apple needs to hire you.

    Dallas PetersonDallas PetersonПре 5 дана
  • The problem of switching from Android to iPhone is not necessarily the iPhone itself, it's Apple's forced and closed ecosystem that sends me shivers down the spine, so no thank you, Android and Windows for me!

    You 2bYou 2bПре 5 дана
  • I use Android but I rarely customize it. I use everything at defaults except wallpapers.

    Indiwar PanditIndiwar PanditПре 5 дана
  • You're literally dumb if you buy an iPhone in 2021 Samsung S21 Ultra absolutely smashes the iPhone 12 Pro Max I'm never going back to a shitty phone with a 60hz screen again lol

    MirozenxMirozenxПре 5 дана
    • Sheeproid

      Candy CaneCandy CaneПре 5 дана
  • I'm using an iPhone too now after YEARS of android and let me tell you what you were experiencing back then, It's NOT that "those things doesn't matter anymore" no, it's just accepting that there is nothing else you can do, so we are just settling with it. Because let me tell you as soon as I get an android again, believe me, I will customize the heck out of it! Also, you don't think about the hardware because there isn't any other option, on android you have like 10 radical different models from just one company in the last month. Having said that, Iphone is really a great phone, but if you are a little bit on the power user side, you are going to be miserable with it. It's just SO BORING! iphone is more of a utility phone than an actual fun little gadget. AND THAT"S FINE! If you are looking for something like that.

    RSRSПре 5 дана
  • Who did samsing start seeing? Huawei? Xiaomi?

    Ritual SlaughterRitual SlaughterПре 6 дана
    • mkbhd

      Red_GyaradosRed_GyaradosПре 5 дана
  • Compare with mi11 ultra Your opinion about camera would definitely change

    Mr NOYANMr NOYANПре 6 дана
  • ios is for The Man Androids is for the boys

    Neths KiNeths KiПре 6 дана
  • I'm really debating going to iPhone 13 depending on what/if the next Note comes out.

    ShawnShawnПре 6 дана
  • How dare you Rick roll us twice! Though glad you’re enjoying iOS :D

    GoldenEye168GoldenEye168Пре 6 дана
    • First 6:26 Second 11:51

      AnonymousAnonymousПре 17 сати
  • I remembered when I cared about customization, when I was 18. iPhones are just reliable 👍🏻

    L.A. GarzaL.A. GarzaПре 6 дана
  • U r all very bad at fortnite

    Joseph BrandtJoseph BrandtПре 6 дана
  • Have you used Torguard it’s setting is more advanced to learn but same time it’s not a fault. add feature is always just more option for user. In addition they are fast. At my time of order I did get Amazon lite stick plus dedicated ip of choice. I don’t have a dime for advising them but that’s a lot of features. Nord in the other hand expensive slow more like att. I hate it. Ipvanish is too little setting and expensive but would maybe use again. Recent added free drive space.

    tedwutangtedwutangПре 6 дана
  • Good luck with the price of this

    勇樹勇樹Пре 6 дана
  • I will NEVER go back to iPhone again. Phone setup is tedious, customization is not an option, and lastly, people who own them act like they're a part of an elite squad. Very strange.

    ElleElleПре 6 дана
    • I now right I switched back to android about 2 months and the i miss is imessage and facetime but ill rock with android i forgot about the little things android has like AOD fast charger in box 256gb not that 64 GB smh

      Shortydo Woplitt_Shortydo Woplitt_Пре 6 дана
  • My dad switched from the 6 to 11 he was so confused soo much XD

    Chubby israelChubby israelПре 6 дана
  • i dont agree i am actaully an iphone that moved to galaxy fold 2

    JerryJerryПре 6 дана
  • 6:26 the left apple sign if ur wondering where is the rickroll, also another one in 11:20 in the phone

    moelzekimoelzekiПре 6 дана
  • As for durability, I literally threw an iPhone 8 across a room in an El Cheapo, only for style thin case and it's didn't get a single dent.

    ThatOcelotThatOcelotПре 7 дана
  • We all use Facebook messaging anyway and I use that on my pc, I can take calls on my pc. And it’s better than iMessage by default because it’s platform agnostic.

    SuperkoopatrooperSuperkoopatrooperПре 7 дана
  • Anyone else got rickrolled 👀

    Inky Is HereInky Is HereПре 7 дана
  • 6:26

    KrishiKrishiПре 7 дана
  • Nice rickroll

    Afsan MashrikAfsan MashrikПре 7 дана
  • I use an iPad pro but won't ever use an iPhone until it has usbc ... That slow lightening port is terrible.. It's not top shelf at all

    thewonderofyou1thewonderofyou1Пре 7 дана
    • lightning*

      helicopterhelicopterПре 6 дана
  • Got'em 6:26

    JimmyJimmyПре 7 дана
  • I mean if your desired wallpaper is in photos you might as well change it from there and not go around the long way through settings

    Sara뱁새Sara뱁새Пре 7 дана
  • Mr android fhd is right. Its updates and new os versions on iphone, but custumization is easier on android with a lot of launchers in google play store

    Robert Kazanecki*Robert Kazanecki*Пре 7 дана

    Snazzy Man 9Snazzy Man 9Пре 8 дана