The $100,000 Smartphone Unboxing.

1 феб 2020
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You'll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2020 -Samsung Galaxy S20 Unboxing, Huawei P40 Pro Unboxing, iPhone 12 etc, but none will compare to the ridiculousness of this $100K smartphone unboxing. Thanks to Caviar for helping out! (not sponsored)
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  • Hope you enjoyed the video! Which was your favourite of the 5 phones? For my video on the Dark side of Technology:

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosethebossПре годину
    • The Black shark still, I got this vid from my recommended, and totally worth it!

      Jms CJms CПре месец
    • @Siddhant Das u

      Mohd IbrahimMohd IbrahimПре месец
    • @PacMacDo nk

      Mohd IbrahimMohd IbrahimПре месец
    • I know this isn't a tech related question but the knife you use when opening boxes what is it because it looks nice and I collect knifes and also big fan of your channel I've learned some new things that I will consider when shopping for my next phone

      Dylan O'NeilDylan O'NeilПре месец
    • Is that Caviar really made in Russia, or from Russia and made in China?

      Joel ManriqueJoel ManriqueПре месец
  • Some companies are like that one Yandere girl that likes to collect Senpai's toothbrush or half-eaten apples except this one seems to sell them.

    ZeroTwo POGZeroTwo POGПре 7 сати
  • Hey arun i never have to experience an iphone🙄

    V3 R S3V3 R S3Пре 15 сати
  • Imagine buying a phone for 91k and dropping it before you even get to turn it on....

    Chøking_ChalkChøking_ChalkПре 18 сати
  • Do you keep the phones?

    jac gilks-stokesjac gilks-stokesПре дан
  • Him: buys $91,031 phone Me: with an iPhone 5 se

    Yair AnimationsYair AnimationsПре дан
  • Bro ur too rich 💯 😂 can I get any one of them phones

    Boom BitchBoom BitchПре 2 дана
  • Whare does he get his money from and does he accept begging letters ? :)

    Phil ChurchPhil ChurchПре 3 дана
  • 11:17 just imagine dropping that thing

    VeracityVeracityПре 5 дана
  • where does he keep these phones?

    Ramlah QasimRamlah QasimПре 5 дана
  • No doubt why you have 6.2+ million subscribers 👍 Great backing from sponsors.

    Rajendra KumarRajendra KumarПре 6 дана
  • He said it Bitcoin value will get higher 2021: Say no more

    Ayaan AhmedAyaan AhmedПре 7 дана
  • Can you make a Xiaomi video

    Marian Antonio BiricaMarian Antonio BiricaПре 7 дана
  • Imagine losing it Someone sees it and sell it for 1000$ like any iphone

    I Sleeper lI Sleeper lПре 10 дана
  • my name aaron too

  • Meanwhile I’m suffering because I’m broke while watching this

    the running manthe running manПре 11 дана
  • The caviar shit is nothing but ostentatious garbage.

    RoScFanRoScFanПре 12 дана
  • :P i,m broke

    Shafia IjazShafia IjazПре 12 дана
  • Can you give me phone just only for gaming.. 🙏🙂 would be very kind of u.. Granting e child's wish ❤️❤️

    Atikur Rahaman Khan Reon REONAtikur Rahaman Khan Reon REONПре 12 дана
  • HI How do you get all this expensive phones to unbox without paying money? please tell me I wanna try and If you get to keep them after opening or not?

    Kaif ghanchiKaif ghanchiПре 16 дана
  • Imagine this missing 92k$ phone you just found while you're walking, 😂

    T H E N O B L E ST H E N O B L E SПре 17 дана
  • 0 out of 10 no wireless charging for 91,000 dollars

    Cracking BreznutsCracking BreznutsПре 17 дана
  • Why would you want a tourbillon to sit on your phone instead of your wristwatch?

    Stefano RinaldiStefano RinaldiПре 17 дана
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    Rosario GrantRosario GrantПре 23 дана
  • 6:55.....Sim Ejector Pro🤣😂

    Imaad MoosaImaad MoosaПре 23 дана
  • Hey Mister Let's See Who is the Real BOSS !! Not me The MrWhosetheboss !!

    Info ProductionsInfo ProductionsПре 24 дана
  • It’s still an iPhone ... I’d expect way more than just an iPhone for that money

    LordcoolLordcoolПре 24 дана
  • imagine the 100,000 Smartphone is just a picture of rick astley saying "you got rickrolled."

    JoseRomel ManzaneroJoseRomel ManzaneroПре 25 дана
  • This man is really rich to buy a phone like that. Anyone noticed? Please like if you did!

    Sathyapal ReddySathyapal ReddyПре 25 дана
  • What game is that at 4:29.

    Superior RedditorSuperior RedditorПре 26 дана
  • There is no point of other iPhone like a htc because they support Samsung so it is all up to apple and samsung

    DJkhalid131DJkhalid131Пре 27 дана
  • Subscribed

    im_a_fiskparasitim_a_fiskparasitПре 28 дана
  • Can i Get Please the Link For Gundam Phone?

    M __VapesM __VapesПре 28 дана
  • You: Mr Whose The Boss 🤓 Me, an intellectual: Me Who Set He Boss 🧐

    JMJMПре 29 дана
  • That part where you get the piece of the freakin moon, dude...

    Jms CJms CПре месец
  • Holly crap that is ugliest shit I ever seen in my life

    azaz 786azaz 786Пре месец
  • My personal opinion is that the Redmi is the most sick one here

    Eldar M.Eldar M.Пре месец
  • The obedient rock reportedly communicate because black energetically bury unlike a whole beautician. deeply, upset specialist

    Juan HernandezJuan HernandezПре месец
  • 9:45 That other guy tho😂😂

    Ram SanodiyaRam SanodiyaПре месец
  • owning an iphone 11 pro is only a luxury and on top of that luxury more luxury

    siddharthsiddharthПре месец
  • Im selling an iPhone 6 for $45,000. Its like a normal iPhone but it has attached a couple of my pubic hairs and a box with the same charger but with a little piece of silver that cost me $50..

    omcomcПре месец
  • People that are are born with luxury: I'll buy the most expensive phone in the world People that were poor but ended up being rich in the end: I'm gonna buy a mcdonald's play ground

    Bloop BlahBloop BlahПре месец
  • Love the titanic one big fan of Titanic

    Caden DameCaden DameПре месец
  • this stuff is hella gay

    NickNickПре месец
  • I can only think that it's crazy we have people in the world that can buy phones like the last one. It's like... OMG how rich can a person be?

    Keren - HapuckKeren - HapuckПре месец
  • So many rocks in that 91,000 phone. I will own a caviar iPhone one day. :)

    Lekendra CannonLekendra CannonПре месец
  • 12:03 iphone is broken around the right corner may be.

    kalind singhkalind singhПре месец
  • its feel weird to capitalize the titanic a tragedy that people died in

    Rotem TakeleRotem TakeleПре месец
  • ThEre'S a pIeCE oF ThE mOoN!?

    Hermione GrangerHermione GrangerПре месец
  • I was waiting for you to be teleported to another dimension when you were holding it. 🤷‍♀️

    Space GirlSpace GirlПре месец
  • I almost said joycons Insert Nintendo switch joycons

    Super NovaSuper NovaПре месец
  • Please give away one of these phones for us to use

    Mayuresh GawadeMayuresh GawadeПре месец
  • Watch Siri VS Google Assistant 1 VS 1 Fierce battle|Very Exciting|=>

    Ethical GamerEthical GamerПре месец
  • Computer Klan disproved the Caviar claim that thats a real Apple 1 board...first of all, it makes no sense economically and the photo on their website shows a board without components soldered on..and it looks very much like a replica board from eBay...fake as all hell

    TechformativeTechformativeПре месец
  • Plot Twist: The camera man is from caviar and doing a inside job to rob the phone back

    FaitFaitПре месец
  • The 100,000$ smartphone unboxing happens at 8:34

    YenuraYenuraПре месец
  • I gotta say I'm pretty impressed by the caviar company I hope they never stop. I'm inspired by the designs

    JM ArtJM ArtПре месец
  • caviar means fish eggs from sturgeons specifically; at least for true caviar

    Andres LeonAndres LeonПре месец
  • Lmao imagine buying a smartphone instead of the new xbox series x or ps5

    Kapcer 2137Kapcer 2137Пре месец
  • At 9:45 you can hear the camera saying " oh my days " representing how amazing caviar did a good job

    JmasterN GamingJmasterN GamingПре месец
  • What did u do with these phone after review ??

    Ķ H À Ń Ģ À M Ì Ń ĢĶ H À Ń Ģ À M Ì Ń ĢПре месец
  • R you gonna use this luxurious phone?

    THUVARA GamingTHUVARA GamingПре месец
  • Mrwhosetheboss: 512 Gigs of Storage! ME: Hmmmm................ that's just a single HDD/SDD OF A PC:)

    Rockstar GamersBDRockstar GamersBDПре месец
  • Imagine paying 100k for a phone and having to download a 99ct, for a 100k I would tots be needing every app included. Idc if I don’t play FarmVille I want all in app purchases ready to go!

    ImAos YImAos YПре месец
  • Gundam, gun ‘dum’, not gun damn

    Jin NaniJin NaniПре месец
  • My phone is the IPHONE 11

    brayop20brayop20Пре месец
  • () make mic

  • iPhone: has diamonds iPhone: has screen protector only scratched by diamond iPhone dropped: diamond behind the phone scratches the front

    LancesLanceLancesLanceПре месец
  • Your voice is soo good

    Lenad VSLenad VSПре месец
  • Imagine the cars he could get

    Luke CarlisleLuke CarlisleПре месец
  • Nobody: What is special about your phone Mrwhosetheboss be like:It has Titanic pieces on it🤯

    Kwang BAEKwang BAEПре месец
  • Imagine the company sponsor all of their EXTREME price phones to you every month I be like : I'm start going to video like this too in hoping to be successful like him

    Kwang BAEKwang BAEПре месец

    alex kagyalex kagyПре месец
  • Can u pliz tell me why didn't u turn on the iphones

    shelton zobeshelton zobeПре месец
  • The awesome node ethnopharmacologically tie because enquiry lately clap but a broad vegetarian. silent, tacit boot

    James HardenJames HardenПре месец
  • man what do u do with these phones

    Tahsinul HoqueTahsinul HoqueПре месец
  • His voice in unboxing is very calm and relaxing.

    B13. Patayon, Ralph Algin Q.B13. Patayon, Ralph Algin Q.Пре месец
  • Why do not have over 10 million subs you deserve it

    McnubMcnubПре месец
  • The most expensive smartphone box and that looks

    Technology HSTechnology HSПре месец
  • What do you think he does with the phones after he’s done with them??

    Capt_aquaCapt_aquaПре месец
  • Something disappoints me with these ultra high end phones is that they skimp on the premium aspects on the accessories that come with the package. I understand that they spend less on the accessories so they can but the money towards the phone but it's like you bought a rolls Royce but didn't come with matching custom luggage and instead got some generic made in China luggage. I would be impressed if a premium phone came with what it deserves, premium maxed out accessories.

    Dude...Are you sure??Dude...Are you sure??Пре месец
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    James HardenJames HardenПре месец
  • *_I can buy more than 30,000 McDonald's cheeseburgers with this money_* 🍔

    Python NinjaPython NinjaПре месец
  • Next video suggestion: breaking the 100000$ phone using hammer

    Aarav GulatiAarav GulatiПре месец
  • Love your videos bro!!

    Alnoor ViraniAlnoor ViraniПре месец
  • Will u give me one phone please...

    Ashish JainAshish JainПре месец
  • special edition? Do you mean.... *sped?*

    Asian KeemstarAsian KeemstarПре месец
  • I wonder where they thought of that gaming phone, jeez... It just looks a LIIIIIITTLE familiar...

    PurpleColonelPurpleColonelПре месец
  • Flown from Russia to london bro u are not normal oooo i guess😂😂😂

    usharao thotakurausharao thotakuraПре месец
  • Me who checks this video in the recommended notification that came in his video today abt a 125k dollar smartphone *now I know how they got the idea for this*

    MagyklordMagyklordПре месец
  • an actual timeless art piece sticking on a phone that will outdate in a year, WISE CHOICE

  • Wow man 😍

    Fury GodFury GodПре месец
  • I shit myself while watching and I thought it was a fart

    GD TNT sheepGD TNT sheepПре месец
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    Benjamin YueBenjamin YueПре месец
  • well then... so...we wont even get a chance to touch it, init?

    Sage KageSage KageПре месец
  • This is wow!

    Habeeb AdeagboHabeeb AdeagboПре месец
  • I subbed to you man because of your 100K price, enjoy it.

    ProtoMarioProtoMarioПре месец
    • @Xi JiNPiNG CHiNA BUDDHA he has 35 likes lmao tf you on about

      JulainツJulainツПре 5 дана
    • @Xi JiNPiNG CHiNA BUDDHA wdym

      NSN DeadNSN DeadПре месец
    • I don't know why people are giving likes to verified channel ):(

    • Jezz, 100k phone? We never forgot about google project ara

      VincMC_VincMC_Пре месец
    • Aaaay Porto wassup

      NSN DeadNSN DeadПре месец
  • Send them to jerry.... :D

    Lukas BasnakLukas BasnakПре месец
  • So no giveaway this time !!

    Hatim BhabrawalaHatim BhabrawalaПре месец
  • Will you give me one of the phones you feature??

    John MacJohn MacПре месец